5 Common Mistakes Web Designers Make When Applying Web Design techniques

Most of the times web designers will get their work straight and they will make perfect website. However, once in a while they make mistakes, unknowingly, and will result in lower numbers in website traffic as well as lower numbers of leads conversions. Here are a few of the common mistakes web designers make:

1. Unorganized content layout

Sometimes London web designers make the mistake of poorly organizing their content. This can be harmful to the website as readers will lose interest the minute they can’t clearly comprehend where to start and where to finish at.

2. Poor readability and legibility

In the passion and desire to create a good web page, most web designers miss on the important part. Enhancing the readability and legibility of the page. Customers are leads are usually looking for content that is easy to read and fonts used can be clearly seen.

3. Cluttered web pages

In the name of decorating a website, most London web designers tend to put so much on the site thus crowding it with unnecessary content. In web design, white space, also referred to as negative space, is important in enhancing the beauty of a well-designed website.

4. Broken links

Links are an important factor in website design, as they refer leads to other landing pages where they can learn and gather more information. Therefore, if your website has broken links that lead to nowhere, it’s a clear sign of unprofessionalism. It will also stab your website to its failure if the leads aren’t getting what they expect.

5. Poor navigation

A well-designed website needs good navigation so that visitors to your web site can move easily from one page to the nest with ease. Therefore, if this is lacking and visitors to your site get lost, there is a high likelihood they will not be impressed and you may lose a couple of good customers.